IRECO's staff is empowered and encouraged to solve problems. Below is a listing of IRECO's departments, employees and their titles. To send an e-mail, click on the employee's name. 

William M. O'Connor - Chief Executive Officer
Marc TraniPresident
Robert Holden - Secretary-Treasurer

Sales/Customer Service
Keeping your business goes beyond supplying quality products. We have learned that earning our customers' trust requires listening, caring about the customers' success, and the diligence to see that every detail is addressed.
Outside Sales Staff
John White III - Regional Sales Manager
Philip Hopkins - Regional Sales Manager
Jace Frechette - Regional Sales Manager
Inside Sales/ Customer Service
Patricia G. Janes - Manager / Sales Coordinator
Iris Conde - General Manager
Heidi Jachim - Sales Administrator

IRECO's innovative designs come from extensive research and development. Our designs are CAD generated and, when applicable, are verified through prototyping and stress analysis. Lab testing and subsequent field testing ensure proper performance and fit-up.

Customer feedback is encouraged throughout this process. Listening to customer comments and suggestions is critical to enhancing the finished product and ensuring its proper application and use.

Barry T. Glass - Manager, Engineering & Purchasing
Brian Maki - Project Engineer & Quality Assurance Manager